Don’t Let The Bright Days Fade


ling 1Just because Summer is well and truly over, it doesn’t mean that the sunshine has to leave your life during the cold, bitter, winter months.  There are lots of way to keep the brightness with you every day, here are a few ideas:

  • wear some brightly coloured clothes
  • get a daylight lamp
  • Visit a tanning salon
  • cook something Mediterranean
  • buy a beautiful bunch of flowers
  • paint your nails

Not the most extensive list, but just a few ways to brighten up the dull days of December, we thought we would take a look at the last option!

Paint Your Nails

Here are our top tips for getting a perfect finish to your polish whilst creating a little vibrancy in your day to day life.

  • rooney 1Clean and dry your hands
  • Gently push back the cuticles using a cuticle stick
  • File and shape
  • Apply a base coat and allow to completely dry
  • Apply a thin layer of nail polish and let dry – remember to brush the polish along to top of the nail
    • We love the Summer Collection from  Zoya this year especially Ling which is a beautiful bright blue, to remind you of the summer sky and Rooney a fabulous hot pink!
  • Apply a second layer and allow to dry.
  • Add a third coat is needed.
  • Finish with a top coat.


Zoya polishes are a wonderful range that come in a variety of colours and effects – from glitter to metallic, shimmering to high shine.  Whatever occasion you want to paint your nails for there is definitely a high quality, luxurious and long lasting colour for you to pick from Zoya!

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