Doritos Taste Test – DoritosA# Vs DoritosB#


Doritos has launched two bold new flavours – Sizzling Salsa (Doritos A) and Ultimate Cheeseburger (Doritos B), which is in stores now. However, there’s a catch… one of them will be eliminated. Doritos is asking the nation which flavour should be eliminated and how, with the winner receiving a £20,000 prize.

DoritosA# Sizzling Salsa

RSDoritos A


“Doritos A is a moreish Sizzling Salsa flavour, which packs the punch of a tangy tomato dip and tasty Doritos chip all rolled into one.”


Packs a punch upon our multiple tests – it was the one that went first.  One person accidently wiped his eyes and you don’t do that when tasting tasty food.


DoritosB# Ultimate Cheeseburger

RSDoritos B



“Doritos B, the opposition, is a bold Ultimate Cheeseburger flavour; a taste explosion of juicy burger and rich cheese flavours that will transport you to an All American burger shack with just one bite.”


Although on our big taste tests it was the one that came second – it still went quickly and was demolished.  It does taste like a burger but the pickle flavour put a lot of people off.

Our Overall Opinion

Over 3 taste tests, we worked out our favourite.

DoritosA# Sizzling Salsa got most of our taste buds flowing on the multiple tests we did. Sizzling Salsa has good depth of flavour with it tasting similar to the dips Doritos do.

DoritosB# Ultimate Cheeseburger tasted like a cheeseburger but the pickle/gerkin flavour was too intense – if they reduced the flavour of pickle and added some ketchup or mustard to put with it we like it more.


Competition –

Doritos A and Doritos B flavours have an RRP of £1.99 for a 200g bag and are available for a limited time only alongside the existing Doritos range from stores nationwide. For more information visit Full terms and conditions apply, see

Now Closed – Did you pick correctly?


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