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Want a non-major spoiler of the latest Jackie Chan flick?  Read On…..



Dragon’s Blade starring Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusack is about the story of the silk road.  2 thousand years ago around the times of the Roman empire, a mysterious legion of Roman Soldiers enters the silk road. General Lucius (John Cusack) is on the run with a young boy named Publius. He is royalty and his elder brother Tiberius (Adrien Brody) wants the boy dead.

Adrien Brody as Tiberius_1

Tiberius has assassinated his own father and blinded his own brother – he looks to complete the set by killing his brother outright. General Lucius and his legion travel east and away from Tiberius.  Lucius reaches the Silk Road and Commander of the Silk Road Protection Squad, Huo An (Jackie Chan).

Thus the movie is set.  Battles occur and fighting happens.  Huo An and Lucius team up eventually to try and take down Tiberius.



Great and different from the normal performances from Jackie Chan. He varies up the action and with his role as Action Director in the film, the action sequences show his artistic flair for fighting.

John Cusack and Adrien Brody play their roles well. Cusack and Chan battle in the first part of the story and the tone of the fight matched their respective cultures and character’s natures.

The final battle between Brody and Chan is setup well and Brody is built to be a beast. He has found his strengths in this movie playing a beast of a bad guy.

Adrien Brody Fights Jackie Chan_6


A good understated Jackie Chan performance – not his usual westernised comedy approach and it worked well.  It works from a action movie stand point but also from a historical standpoint (however we are not eastern history buffs).

We didn’t think going into it, it would hold our attention. It did, the story and the action fit well and its a hidden gem of a movie worth seeing.


4 out of 5


Currently available to watch at Cinemas and On-Demand.

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