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With a drone at their disposal, two soldiers have a deadly decision to make and time is running out, the fate of a terrorist is down to them.

Matt O’Leary (CSI:Crime Scene Investigation,  Brick and Die Hard 4) and Eloise Mumford (Fifty Shades of Grey and The River) star in this thrilling film which explores the claustrophobic, intense situations faced by drone operators as they try to identify targets and carry out their orders.

The film follows Leary and Mumford in real time as they question the work they do and the morality behind the task at hand.  It takes the viewer inside the drone command station and sits you alongside the soldier, making you a part of the action.

Out on DVD from 19th of January 2015, Drones is a nail biting, edge of your seat movie that has a unique angle when looking at modern warfare.


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  • Running time: 82 mins
  • Cert: 15 DVD
  • Price: £17.99

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