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Speed DryLife is hectic enough without having to wait for your hair to dry, especially if you have thick or particularly long hair!  There are just those occasions where time is of the essence, being late for an appointment or a date, rushing out to visit friends and family, or even an unexpected trip somewhere. Whatever the reason for needing hair dried quicker than nature allows. one solution is to blow dry the hair to speed up the process, but this can not only be harmful, drying out the hair and leaving long term damage, sometimes it is also a long labrourious process, that could do with being a little bit quicker.

Another solution has presented itself from Color Wow‘s Blow Dry Spray – Speed Dry.  Granted, at first the idea of spraying hair with more liquid to reduce the amount of time it takes to blow dry hair, does seem a little ridiculous, even counter productive, but science is a wonderful thing and Colour Wow have created a spray that does in fact do this!

Specially formulated with colour treated hair in mind, which given it’s chemically treated condition makes the hair that much more porous, unmanageable and dry.  Using this spray means that the hair is given a protective, clear coat, with the added bonus of a high gloss, that counteracts this porous nature and in fact helps to retain the vital moisture within the hairs cuticle.  This in turn reduces the damage that can be cause to hair during the drying process, by retaining that moisture inside the hair where it is needed, the hair requires less time to dry as it is no longer losing that moisture through the process of drying.

The spray is also rich in silk amino acids which help strengthen the hair, along with a blend of keratin proteins.  At the same time the panthenol within the spray gives a healthier texture and appearance, whilst softening the hair.


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