Duchess of Cambridge Announces Due Date for Royal Baby


 The Duchess Of Cambridge has revealed this week that her second baby will arrive in ‘mid-to-late April,’ (Evening Standard), but, as she prepares to become a parent to two-under-two, what can we expect from the world’s most famous working mother?

The_Duke_and_Duchess_of_Cambridge_with_Prince_George Christopher Neve  We first saw Catherine with Prince George just days after he was born when she and Prince William showed him off to the world outside the private hospital in London where he was delivered.  There’s no doubt that this time the same will be expected – it’s certainly the opposite of most people’s birth announcement on Facebook or by text message – Catherine and William will have the world’s media waiting for a first glimpse of the newest royal.

  Despite the initial flurry of attention, Catherine didn’t make an appearance in public until almost six weeks after the birth of Prince George – to accompany her husband as he acted as official starter for a race in Anglesey.  Many parents find the transition from one to two children to be a very difficult adjustment, and so perhaps this time we’ll have to wait a little longer before the mum-of-two is seen in public.  Catherine’s mother, Carol, was on hand to look after the little prince in 2013, but will she be so willing to look after two of her grandchildren at the same time in 2015? 

  This week the Duchess has been completing some of her last official engagements before she takes a break before the upcoming birth.  She was seen presenting the Irish Guards with their traditional shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day, and visited a London children’s centre, so, like many expectant mothers, she continues to work until her ninth month of pregnancy.   This expectant mother has the world’s eyes on her and her bump – the sex of which has become a betting-shop favourite – one bookmaker has odds on the baby being called ‘Elizabeth’ if it’s a girl.  If you’re going to be named after your great-grandmother it helps, surely, if she happens to be the Queen!

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