Duskers – PC Game Review


Take on the role as the ships “Wall-E” and upgrade and develop your mini-robots in the retro-space adventure.


“Pilot dromes into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard.”

The ideas are to keep adapting to a very weird space adventure. Key aspects are exploration, adapting and surviving.


Been the ship’s drone operator, sitting in front of a very old gritty tech – that acts as your eyes and ears it throws you in at the deep-end.


In the game, you have to constantly adapt your drones to building your drones to fit each scenario.

With dangerous creatures lurking  in these derelict ships, strategies change and adapting is key.


Duskers is set in a procedurally generated Universe, so different playthroughes will mean different outcomes.


Weird if you don’t have experience on a command line – echoing back to the MS-Dos days.  Using the Command Line is intuitive and learning the key commands is easy.

Its a rogue-like in space and it is hard. Taking a challenge of entry into ships with unknowns is hard – if you love X-Com’s strategy – this takes that and twists it into a stripped down space exploration game.



It took us a while to get into the game but we love key aspects of how the player has to interact to survive. It’s challenges are big and the command line is weird but intuitive to key commands.  Wish we could explore it more…


3 out of 5


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