Dying Light


Zombie games are quite a popular genre of gaming these days, in fact even games that aren’t zombie related seem to have some kind of zombie mode included in their release.  Dying Light is something a little different though, this takes zombie games and indeed survival horrors, to an entirely new level.

dyinglight_artwork02You take control of Crane, a GRE agent who has been air dropped into Haran, a city in quarantine after being overrun by a hoard of deadly zombies.  Crane isn’t there to do just any job though, he is after a terrorist and to find him he must infiltrate a band of survivors.

Things don’t go exactly according to plan for Crane and he soon needs the survivors as much as they need him.

There is a little something of all of the best games in Dying Light, which all together result in a frighteningly fantastic offering from Warner Bros:

  • Dying_Light_Screenshot_06manoeuvrability akin to Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed
  • weapons reminiscent of Dead Island
  • Crafting inventory for medipacks and the like similar to Resident Evil
  • Lock Picking just like Thief and Skyrim
  • Free Roaming World like Saint’s Row and GTA
  • Main quests and side quests like Elder Scrolls

…and of course zombies of the highest order!

The controls feel fluid and instinctive, once you get to grips with weapon selection.  The parkour element to the game makes it extremely fast paced and should you misstep, it definitely gets your heart racing as you try find your way back to the rooftops and relative safety.

Being a scavenger is something close to most gamers hearts now, it is a part of many games now.  Throughout Dying Light there are lock boxes filled with goodies, the catch is you have to pick those locks before you can get inside.  Some of them are tucked away in gloriously high spots, away from those baying for your blood, but some are in more precarious places.  Of course there is loot dotted about the free roaming map that is easier to acquire, but the question is, are they as good as what is lurking beneath those secured boxes?

There are safe houses here and there, but you have to make them safe and a few have some rather scary looking, rebar and cement block wielding, behemoths that want to cave in your skull, so caution is definitely advised.  You help the survivors at the Tower by setting up a number of innovative traps and distractions to help those, and you, when trapped outside at night.

A compelling storyline and high stakes action make for a thrilling and engaging game that will keep you switched on and wanting more.  Gaining better weapons, blueprints for gadgets and materials to fight the walking dead in the streets of Haran, there is just one rule, do not go out at night!

dyinglight_artwork04At night the zombies are monsters of unparalleled power and a zest for human flesh, your human flesh.  They are formidable opponents and will make you regret not finding shelter in the Dying Light.

From Warner Bros and Techland is an exciting and fresh take on the zombie apocalypse.  Dying Light is available as a digital download now, but will be released to disc on 27th February 2015.

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