E-Virus – The Diary of a Modern Day Girl by Jessica Ward


When the end of the world as we know it happens, how will you survive?  Governments have collapsed, lawlessness ravages the streets, the lights have gone out and everything electrical have become hunks of metal, no longer with any use.  Life as we know it is over, the world is plunged into darkness and is threatened with a virus that is more deadly than the Bubonic Plague and spreading quicker than Spanish Flu, but the E Virus has wider implications than simply killing people, it also brings them back.

As the virus spreads people have to band together, but it is easy to stand side by side, it is turning your back to people that can be the real problem.  People must do everything they can to survive the terrible state the world has gotten itself into, but when you relied so heavily on technology before the outbreak, you must find new ways to live and this brings new enemies.

What would you do if there was no transport?  If food was not sold in hundreds of different places?  If communicating was only possible face to face ?  

E Virus The Diary of a Modern Girl is the story of one person’s experience in a world where nothing is as it was and if that wasn’t terrifying enough, the dead are no longer dead, they roam the streets looking for ways to satisfy their lust for blood and hunger for flesh.  An account of survival and finding out exactly what she is made of in the face of true horror, fighting a virus that has no cure and its victims.

Gripping, gritty and captivating, E-Virus The Diary of a Modern Girl is a fantastic page turner that explores a dystopian world that is a reality we can believe in, one that feels entirely plausible in the world we live in.

Available from Olympia for £8.99.

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