Elimination Night


Who stays? Who goes? Who’s gone?

Well it’s safe to say Kim Huybrechts flirtation with the premier league is over, rooted to the bottom on 3 points with an inferior legs against to the others above. So he’s taken one spot, who will take the next and cut their visit short
Adrian Lewis, Raymond van Barneveld rooted on 5 points, Peter Wright, Steven bunting on 6 points. It’s a 4 way shoot out between theses 4 to keep their premier league dream alive. I think it will boil down to 2 key games, Anderson v Barneveld and Lewis v Wright. A Barneveld win is a must, or I feel he is heading for the exit door. If Barneveld springs a shock it’s all on Lewis v Wright, winner stays in, loser going home.
Anderson v Van Barneveld
Andersons assured of a top 4 berth heading into the play offs, whilst Barneveld is scrambling to stay alive. Anything but a Barneveld win will see the Dutch maestro knocking at the elimination door.

Bunting v Huybrechts

With Kim already on his way out from his flirtation with the worlds finest, it’s up to bunting to win and secure his place in the playoffs

Lewis v Wright

In a winner takes all battle it’s going to be a battle of wits. For Lewis it’s a must win, for Wright a draw will be enough to secure his place. My feelings are it will be a Lewis win, then it’s all down to the mathematicians to work out the legs against difference and decide who drops

Taylor v Chisnall

Both in the mix for the playoffs, Chisnall with a far superior legs against advantage is secured into the top 4, a win for Taylor will see him battle with wade for that elusive 4th spot

Van Gerwen v Wade

The dutch master looking to secure top whilst wade looking to secure his 4th place birth. Based on the Dutchman’s form he should walk this and leave wade hoping chizzy beats Taylor.

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