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A decision to start a career or change a career can be one the the most challenging points in someone’s life.


Many people now look to the beauty industry as a great career choice. It’s a varied, interesting and often rewarding path to choose. However there are may facets to working in beauty, you could be a beauty therapist offering a wide range of treatments, specialise and be a nail technician working just on the hands and feet, also now Holistic therapy is a growing area offering a more natural based source of treatments and some people work primarily in massage.


Finding a starting point to train in this industry can sometimes seem confusing. One search of the internet will bring up so many possibilities for training in beauty it can be daunting. It is important to find good quality accredited training. If you don’t make the right choice you will often find that you cannot get insurance to cover you to practice in the areas you have trained and the certification you have is effectively worthless.


We spent the day with Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire. A “small professional training centre that has been established to offer beauty and holistic therapy training on an intensive basis”.

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Today we spent the day training in Manicure and specialist hand treatments, it’s a full days programme which offers at the end of it, if you are proved competent, a Diploma. It is important to recognise at this point that they are fully accredited with the Guild of Beauty Therapists and this would mean you would be able to gain insurance to practice.


What is apparent straight away is the way Elite work in a training situation, their description of intensive training could not be more accurate. We are taken through to the area where we would be training for the day with the owner and fully qualified teacher Clare, there were just two of us training. Elite has a maximum of four students for any training. This really does ensure you get the maximum attention, support and plenty of time to go through any practical parts of the training. It is important to raise this point as some offering training can have groups of twenty or even greater with nowhere near the hands on tutoring or attention given here.


In the morning we were talked through the theory involved, its important to remember as with all beauty therapy its not just something you can dive in and get straight to hands on.  What a lot of people overlook is all the background information and important safety, health and anatomy that must be learned before you can become competent with the actual practical side of whatever you choose to learn. Do you know the anatomy of the hand?, What are the Contra indications? How can you keep a clean and sterile environment?….. Sounds much more complicated then just painting someone’s nails doesn’t it?


Don’t Worry in any good accredited training programme like the one here with Elite, you will learn all of these things and be given plenty of information to take away for further learning.


Models are brought in and we learn step by step the hands on practical parts to the manicure process, from sanitising the hands, right through to painting the nails. Its intense but enjoyable. There is plenty of time to take in what’s being taught as it is such a small class. Clare is right there watching through every step advising best practise, showing each person individually how to do each part, we are also provided a step by step written guide to refer to. By the end of the morning the models leave with beautifully polished manicured hands.


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The afternoon brings new models and we repeat the process but this time we learn intensive hand treatments, the paraffin wax treatment and the deep moisturising hot mitts. We are reinforcing the skills we learned earlier but learning additional luxury elements. We review what we leant in the day and Clare tells us she feels we have completed everything to a competent level and we are issued with our certificate, a Diploma in Manicures – With Specialist hand treatments.


Of course to go through everything in the day in minute detail would be a little to much. There is a lot to learn, but we have given you an idea of what the content is like.


Clare as a trainer is highly skilled, she’s engaging, interesting and very hands on. We felt at ease throughout the day and were comfortable asking questions when we needed to. She is trained to a high level, previously teaching in a college before starting her own training business.


The centre is quite small, not daunting, very professional with everything that’s needed at hand, its in the town of Bishops Stortford.  There are car parks close by, not far from Stansted airport if you need an idea of location. Worth travelling to for such hands on tuition.


Elite offer training in many areas they cover beauty but also offer training in Holistic Therapies and hairdressing. Beauty courses on offer are accredited with the guild so the certificate you walk away with after training has meaning. You can look online on the Guilds website www.beautyguild.com under training and you can see the full list of course and confirm that they are covered by the Guild.


Models are supplied, payment plans offered, they offer best advice on how to run a business and offer after-course support.


Many courses are available, including grouped courses to form Full NVQ qualifications.


All information is available on Elite’s website www.elitebeautyschool.co.uk


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