Emjoi – Micro Pedi Man, a Fathers Day Gift



Put the pumice stone away. The new kids on the block and its trouncing all in its way.

For someone who’s feet endure hours in the same footwear at work, hard skin is a common problem. And keeping on top of it is a never ending task. Well now that task has been made easier, thanks to the  Emjoi – Micro Pedi Man. With its battery powered micro mineral roller spinning 30times a second, even the hardest of skin is removed with minimal fuss.

With it’s unique style and handy size you can buff away that hard skin whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you, in the bath, in the garden even on the settee. After 3 weeks of using this product my feet are hard skin free and this was all achieved thanks to the Emjoi – Micro Pedi Man.

So why not treat your dad on Sunday June 21st to a Emjoi – Micro Pedi Man, the must have Father’s Day gift


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