Empire TV Tycoon – PC Game Review


PC Game that shows off running a TV Studio… Interested? Read On….


“Empire TV Tycoon is a game in which you manage a TV channel and fight for audiences taking decisions that will project your channel to fame and fortune.You will decide the content of your channel, select advertisers, hire workers, make your own productions, hire actors, and engage in much more”




The tutorial sets up all aspects of the game well. Set your schedule, buy the shows or create the shows to put in it.  The list of movies changes when the TV Channel is built bigger and bigger. Once your schedule is created, you watch the stereotypes of geeks, goths, teens etc watching your shows. Feedback and then rinse and repeat.



Problems begin from the get go – The clean U.I. is too basic with a “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” schedule set up and a lack of 24 hour schedule limits gameplay.

Added bonus is the names of actual movies titles brings us back in and working out what works to succeed is hit and miss. 


A good concept in need of refinement.  Gave us a few hours of enjoyment rather than minutes,  but lack of depth reduced our score from 3/5 to 2/5

2 out of 5

Good ideas and a solid concept. Some work is needed to make this a solid game, however we love the style choices made.

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