Enchanted Forest Notecards


Leading on from last week’s Colour Your Heart Out article, we would love to introduce you to another unique offering from Laurence King when it comes to the adult colouring trend.

Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest Notecards

If you are a fan of this new and engaging genre in the world of hobbies, you have most likely already heard of Johanna Basford and if not, you will have definitely come across her stunning book Enchanted Forest.  Filled with gorgeous illustrations of a black and white forest highlighted with golden accents, it is indeed extremely enchanting.

Now Johanna Basford has released an evolution of her colouring book for adults by way of a stationary set.  Tweleve beautiful notecards echo the stunning images that are contained within the Enchanted Forest Colouring Book.  They are just a alluring as their original counterparts except on a smaller scale, they even have the shimmering golden accents that catch the light and seemingly illuminate the art work.

The twelve notecards are accompanied by matching envelopes that contain little detailed accents.  The set is then presented in a sturdy box decorated with as much care and attention as each of the notecards themselves.

The Enchanted Forest Notecards are a delightful way to share the beauty and elegance of Johanna Basford’s designs with loved ones around the globe.  You can send them in their natural state to allow the recipient to have the pleasure of bestowing colour upon the illustration, or you could send it already finished, either way we are certain that whoever receives these pretty cards will be absolutely thrilled.

Available from Laurence King Publishing for £11.95

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