EOY Contender – Concrete Jungle


Name: Concrete Jungle
Released: Sept, 2015
Award Category: Best Game, Best Game Concept.

Our Review: Link


Surprise of the year so far with a very easy game to play and learn but a tough game to master. Not knowing the next card really took the game to a different level.  Building a city with the then drawn cards changes each playthrough of the game.




The variety of modes and the sometimes steep learning curve meant good fun at a good pace.  Taking on the A.I. is always a challenge but can be easy once the cards fall in your favour.




The surprise of the year so far. Some games we reviewed only got a few hours, this got a solid 10 hours due to the fun aspect. The Single player campaign is bright and introduces the game mechanics. If City Builders are your thing, this is a good change of pace…

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