EOY Contender – Party Hard


Name: Party Hard
Released: Aug, 2015 on PC.
Award Category: Best Game of the Year, Best New Game Concept

Why (Non-Spoiler)?

So, a game with a simple premise, your neighbors are having a loud party – Its your role to stop them. 

Party Hard is a tactical game about stopping parties – by killing everyone. The artstyle is terrific with hidden ways to use the stages around it weird ways.  Each of the Parties act as stages with their own hidden gems, a nightclub with a car that will plow through the crowd – And other nicely planted gems.



Extra stuff to know

It’s story follows a series of murders through the USA however its a game based in a fun tone – not a serious tone. Think a “B” Cop Movie.

Levels are ever altering, the floor layout will be the same in each set level. The Nightclub will be the Nightclub, but the car will not always be there. 

Special random events are both positive and negative.Imagine a bear coming in and killing everyone for you or good guys come to stop you. Triggering the DEA, SWAT cars, paramedics, firefighters to come in and ruin the party.


Great game and a good surprise. Great concept and plenty of replayability.


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