EOY Contender – Sense8


Name: Sense8
Released: Netflix – June, 2015
Award Category: Best TV Show, Best New TV Show

Why (Non-Spoiler)?

So to describe the show without major spoilers is quite hard. So in its base terms think of the show as a Evil Company versus the heroes. The Heroes have to work out who they are and the first season is about that journey.

Now to get a little further in. The title is “Sense8” – 8 people are linked together and can take the other people’s skill and experience and use it. Imagine been linked to a “Kung Fu” expert, letting them kick that bully down you have it quite easy.

“They are suddenly able to see and talk to each other as though they were in the same place, and have access to each other’s deepest secrets.”

These 8 individuals become a unit and with anything weird, someone wants to take it from them.


The major thing that got us to try this show is the  cast and the fact the whole world is been used. Having to go to Africa, Asia, America and Europe to film must of been fun. The show balances the fun aspect with 8 characters with clear differences in personality. Each helps each other with their weaknesses.  Lacking confidence, speak to the German who is brash and acts above the law.



This is show is worth a look at the pilot episode to see if this works for you. A great show and the biggest TV Show Surprise for us this year.

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