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Now time for the latest EP from a band we have reviewed before. AyOwA.


The Band

The Danish duo AyOwA are ready to take on the summer.  They come armed with modular synths, old reel-to-reels, and a haunting voice on top, they create dark and moving electronic pop songs. Sung in their native Danish, but with a certain universal and dreamy appeal, this band combines noise pop with vapor wave, and melodies with improvisation, in an evocative and playful mix. 

In a more hopeful tone than ever, AyOwA dreams of the simplicity of being ‘free’. With an uplifting catchy chorus and their signature vocal samples, they swim into the summer on a wave of electronic dream-pop.

Friday – is already out. Here is the song. 

The EP

After a winter of hibernating in their Copenhagen studio (dam that sounds fun), the duo is releasing their 6 track debut EP “Eremit” (means Hermit) on legendary DJ Kenneth Bagers label Music For Dreams”. 

The EP was a soulful search into the depth of electronic music, and the Scandinavian DNA. With many months of darkness and anticipation for a summer that sometimes never comes, the tone is set for melancholy. 

Under the headline “Danish Never Sounded So Sexy” Huffington Post praises AyOwAs sound, and the languages unique timbre. And although it isnt commonplace to hear the Danish language mentioned for its beauty, it bears a strange attraction of the incomprehensible and mysterious to listen to. And sexy or melancholic – AyOwA continues to capture the audience with their unique and moving sound.


AyOwA has received plays on BBC Radio1 (Huw Stevens), Radio X, Amazing Radio and Apple Music Beats 1, as well as massive airplay on Danish national radio P6 and P3. AyOwA has been featured on Noisey, Vice, The Independent (UK) and Huffington Post (US), and marks the rare occasion of a band singing in Danish presented outside the country. 

The Songs


Fri – Ethereal in beginning with a gentle harmony.  Electro sounds with an undertone pattern and rhythm.

Newcross – Sounds like a clockwork heartbeat to begin with.  Gentle beat and easy to spot chorus and verse changes.

Sommer – Sounds off beat at the start and different – especially with the use of echo.  It builds that foundation to a good conclusion.

Eremit – A track to gently rock to sleep too. SOOOOOO relaxing.  If you can take fuzzy guitars.

Rus – Dizzying design with drums, echoes and harmony. 

Sandkorn – It feels as if you are sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake or ocean. You hears the sound of water and the dripping sound adds further watery depth.


Final Thoughts

It is not often we get to review an album or EP that is not in the English tongue, however we are glad it was this one.

Its gentle tones and rhythms were great to the ear.



For More Info –

Facebook – www.facebook.com/thisisayowa

Twitter – www.twitter.com/ayowamusic

Song Friday – Embedded with permission, from Public Soundcloud.


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