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Netflix is a place to lounge and take on content to an extreme level. So, we decided to cover some of the titles you can find on Netflix.



Abstract steps into the mind of some of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines. This initial episode focuses on Christoph Niemann.  Well known illustrator and seeing his art is throughout the episode – You will be on the lookout for more.


The Episode

 A look at his life and his thought processes. Following the creation of ideas and his methods.  His constant reinvention of his process keeps him on top of his game throughout.


From the very beginning you are thrown into the head of the designer and his thoughts. Especially his attitude towards what he thinks of his self, however he does opens up further along they go and it develops more into positive thought.


Thought/Idea Processes

It is hard to describe in short, how deep the documentary goes.  He talks about his thoughts and his ideas for creation and for editing it.

It is all show within a visual medium too with the help of the team behind it.  Visual illustrations are seen from concept to creation.  His interaction with the illustrations themselves in short bursts adds to the visual nature of his medium.

From talking about how visually you can draw a heart to how to design with Legos.  It is very intriguing.


History of the Designer

Interesting take on how he grew up and how people interacted with him. From his art teacher Mr Edelman to his kids on the NY Subway to  how he moved on from New York with his wife.

“I felt fulfilled but exhausted”  – (New York to Berlin.  He creatively changed after feeling the need to change. )


The Documentary Director

You hear the director talking to the designer is weird. The director sort of acts as the audience and asks critical questions to show how he thinks.


Overall Thoughts

I only put glimpses in my review, because I could write utter detail but ruin it for you.  He offers details into the world of Illustration and Design, that most will not know about. This episode took Illustration and spun it in an interesting way.


4 out of 5



For More Info –

Abstract: The Art of Design is available on UK Netflix.  Other Regions maybe available.


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