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This Week

A excellent case of who made the mistake to kill someone in Saving Hope and in Resurrection – Caleb’s heist plan comes into action.

on Monday – Resurrection S01E04 – “Us Against the World”

With the introduction of another “returned” Rachael a past love of Pastor Tom.  Rachael does not want to integrate yet, Tom keeps Rachael a secret to his wife till Rachael returns.

Backstory – Rachael and Tom were young sweetheart lovers 13 years ago. She drove off the bridge into the river and drown.  “Tom I am so Sorry”

Suicide was a selfish thing to do – Tom.

They rekindle their love. The Wife wants to send her away – he does not do it.



Caleb and his arc in the show is carrying the other half of the morality. He is the criminal wanting to escape life of normal man.

Later on, Caleb going to jail leads to questions to come to pass.

Jacob’s story took the background this episode with Jacob’s “stash” being found of sweets and treats – his eating is constant and his sleeping is not there either.

Character Development

  • Pastor Tom – now feels a bigger character rather than a background player
  • Fred  – His character is a weird one, Sometimes you can like him or not.
  • Caleb – Nuts. Just Nuts


On Wednesday – Saving Hope S01E06

Saving Hope 2

In Wednesday’s latest episode of Saving Hope lead to a look at an “M and M” conference. Looking at how a guy died, under most of the  doctors care.

The episode’s case was “Mr May” a firefighter who was doing a charity blood drive  and started off with cramps in the stomach and at midnight after complications dies.

The main point of the episode was to grow the characters more, Maggie thinking it was her mistake admitted it and her relationship with Gavin she struggled to open up.

Dr. Tom Reycraft, Alex’s constant rival, made the major mistake of the case leading to the death, it was good to see that the character had that nature.

“I don’t make mistakes” – Dr Reycraft

Joel finds himself changing from a “lover” role into  more of a well rounded grown up with the extra responsibilities he has took on.

Alex and Charlie at the end have to deal with an extra roommate – What going to happen there – Alex’s brother is a dozy character.


Overall – Update

Resurrection – Questions of what a person in jail Caleb has to do to get out, is his life over. Will the FBI get Caleb and then investigate into Jacob.

Saving Hope – The bigger arc seems to be Charlie finding his role within both the supernatural and the natural workplace.

More to come next week.  This is the new home for TV Reviews on a Thursday Night.  Resurrection will be finishing in mid-october, what shows would you like to fill the space?



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