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Aired on UK TV – W at 9pm 15th February.


In this present era – most people are on Facebook. Sara Cox at the start of this episode – was not one of these. 

“She sees a whole generation growing up with the idea that friendship is something that happens online, and she thinks they’ve got it all wrong. For her, friendship is about the warm glow of face-to-face contact, not the warm glow of a digital screen. And she’s concerned that her kids may miss out on the kind of friendships she treasures.”

In this witty and warm authored documentary, Sara explores her feelings on how modern technology and social media are affecting how we view and “do” friendships in the 21st century. 


Coming into this episode from a technological background, we were surprised in her manner of expression and how she got her point across.  Her point of view was brought full circle and gave this episode an overall great feel.


How do you define friendship?

She brought it to her “base” of mates – who are in her social circle within a face=to-face meaning.  Each question in turn gets answered with its pros and cons on display.


How many is too many?

Surprised us to see that 150 friends is the limit.  This is called “Dunbar’s Number” – where you can have 5 Best Friends and 50 good friends.



What effect does it have on the brain?

ON - Series 1 - Friendship - Picture Shows: Sara Cox

ON – Series 1 – Friendship – Picture Shows: Sara Cox

She got a MRI Scan for 40 mins (not for us), to see what the signs of friendship were in the brain. She sees that friends pics are a little hit of remembering memories of the past – like Facebook does. The random looks at friends pictures gives you “hits” of the past memories.


The Rest

Those were some of the best bits of the episode for us.  She sought out a lot more through visiting her old school playground and seeing how kids form social groups.  Running an experiment with teenagers – could they survive without their mobile phones?  She brought it full circle with a discussion with her friends and it gave the episode a good conclusion.


Our Thoughts

A good documentary showing what some people are afraid of – and should be/shouldn’t be.  As the human race is ever evolving, the ideas of friendship and all the other human society are evolving with it.  Do we think it is travelling too fast at times? Yes. But will it slow down? Unlikely.


Thanks W and UKTV – That was a good documentary, can’t wait to see the next one.   


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