The Erisea Bucket List

Bucket list, noun. A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
Yes, the humble bucket list. Here at Erisea we have decided to compile a joint bucket list, from the creators of this here magazine. Things we want to achieve before our time is up. Before we kick the elusive bucket.

Due to having the complication of those rather mean hidden illnesses, it makes a list like this even more poignant, not that we will let them hold us back. It just means they tend to throw more obstacles at us. So more fight is needed. We hope that with this list and the help of the magazine we can start to tick some of the things we, as a team, want to do.
Firstly we have dancing barefoot in the rain. Slightly odd granted, however I can imagine it would be fairly liberating. The freedom of the rain and being free to dance like a loon without a care in the world is something I think everyone needs from time to time.
Next is to write and publish a book. From a fictional story to a real life account of life with a disease, writing a book would be such a fantastic achievement.
Get a makeover. Feel like a princess for the day, be pampered, change it up a little.
Throw a mega party. This one needs be big, invite everyone from past and present and just celebrate for the sake of it, just dance the night away.
Be on the TV. Another slightly vain one here, however being on the TV for achieving something special would be amazing. Maybe for writing the book that was previously mentioned?!
Swim in a waterfall, in the middle of nowhere with just you, nature and the water. Lots of diving in and fun with the family. A perfect escape from the world.
A meditation retreat. This one is so we can learn how to find our inner peace, to be okay with all life throws at us and find a different way to deal with and overcome lifes struggles.
Closure. With the people in life who threw the most rubbish and hurt your way. So they know you forgive them, which would hopefully enable you both to move on and forget the past.
A helicopter ride. Whether its over a large city or a country landscape, being up in the air with your feet up, perfect!
To ride all the rollercoasters at Alton towers. All in a couple of days and just for the thrill. As a complete wimp myself this one would be a totally epic adventure and would be sure to get the heart racing.
A Disney Cruise. Not sure whether this was designed for children or adults really, but to take a family cruise aboard a Disney cruise ship would be a once in a lifetime event.
A Limo ride with the sunroof open. Picture it now, music blaring and Jeeves in the front leading the way. The perfect way to see they city in style.
Tandem Skydive. A huge cliche but something I think everything needs to do at least once. I can imagine its fairly peaceful 100ft in the sky.
To own a piece of Clarice Cliff. Simple and close to the heart.
See Stary night by Van Gough. A beautiful painting that needs to be seen to be appreciated.
The Big Apple Trip. Yes, another cliche but a trip to new york to see the sights and eat the hot dogs would be fabulous. There is so much to do and so many sights to see.
Japan. Another biggie. But a place with so much culture and beauty would be the most unique experience.
Munich Christmas Market. A place where Christmas is done so beautifully whilst still keeping with the traditions we all know and love.
To see where the sound of music was filmed. The stunning scenery or this iconic film would be perfect for any fan.
To go to a masquerade ball. With the beautiful dresses, sparkly shoes and unique face masks, what girl can resist a night to feel like a star.
Renew wedding vows on a beach in Hawaii. Yes, this list is full of cliches, but to renew your vows to the one you love in such a beautiful setting would be the most incredible experience.
To sit in a bath full of chocolate M&Ms. This one is a personal love, I don’t think it needs a reason.
Go to Comic Con in Sanfransisco. Of course dressed as the best super heroes, to totally get your geek on.
Sing in a Karaoke bar. To belt one out whilst being intoxicated would be a fabulous night to forget, probably!
To meet Kat Denning. We are big fans of Kat over here, so this would be totally amazing, a real picture moment.
To read a Story on Cbeebies. Yes we are aware they have stars on there, however if we do some of the above, maybe we could be worthy of reading a bedtime story or two?
So there you have it, the Erisea bucket list. I am sure so many other things will be added. We intend to fill our bucket before its kicked, if you get my drift? Please feel free to get in touch if you think you can help us achieve anything from the lists. We will be sure to add pictures of our conquests as we go along. Watch this space!

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