About Erisea Magazine


Erisea Magazine was born from the idea that the world is at your fingertips, you just need to reach out and grab it.

Started by two friends who met through blogging, they realised instantly the connection they had and joint passion for writing.  Erika and Chelsea decided that regardless of the challenges life throws at them, life is to be lived and if you have a love of something you should embrace it with both arms and squeeze.

The name Erisea will hopefully become to be known as one that not only represents the magazine itself, but friendship and loyalty.  Made from three letters of their names, Erika and Chelsea want Erisea to be more than a magazine, to be a symbol to people everywhere that no matter the cards you are dealt, your dreams can always be achieved.

The magazine is run by Erika and her budding team of volunteers now. Chelsea has taken a step back to focus on other projects – in we wish her every success.  Their friendship remains as strong as ever, as does the message that Erisea Magazine hopes to convey.