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This weekend we visited the MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con and it was fantastic, with everything from stalls selling memorabilia, autographs and figures, to stars of the some of the biggest shows around, not to mention the cosplay! 

 Comic Con is an incredible convention that is hosted around the world and adored by millions.  It serves up everything that you love in popular culture in one place and it does it extremely well.  Birmingham’s Comic Con was a fabulous event that featured talks and signing from three of, arguably one of the biggest shows around, The Walking Dead’s cast, some of the most inventive Cosplay and a plethora of stars, wares and fun to be had.

MCM Comic Con 22032015 1aThe Walking Dead

One of our highlights this weekend was the Q&A with stars from the hit show.  We joined Laurie Holden, who played Andrea, ChristianSerratos, better known as Rosita and Tyler James Williams, the late Noah.  

In the small inflatable auditorium, fans were able to chat and listen to the stars as they answered questions and talked about the show.  The discussion raged from what it was like working on the set to how the actors are treated by fans of the show.  We saw Laurie Holden open her heart a little and tell us about how some fans had gone as far as wishing her dead when Andrea made certain choices on the show, not being able to distinguish between her and Laurie the actress.  It led to a heart-felt message about bullying.

A surprising turn was taken when a few of the audience members hadn’t had the foresight to get up to date with the show and therefore experienced a couple of major spoilers!

Colm Meaney

Another fantastic fan Q&A was with Colm Meaney, star of Hell on Wheels, Star Trek, Con Air and Z Cars.  Colm was the most down to earth person, he sat there chatting as if we were all just out for a coffee and he was really passionate about everything, especially the history behind Hell on Wheels.


The Cosplay was something to truly behold, some people had put so much heart and effort into their costumes, you could quite literally see the love for their characters pouring out.  

MCM Comic Con 22032015 1b

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