Erisea Weekend Crash – It Begins….



Welcome to the weekend. It is time to crash and laze about and we are here to throw some information your way.  Coming up this weekend –


Video Gaming

We relook at Splody after learning about their latest update.

Crazy Taxi Classic is now free on iOS, we look at the classic and its iOS Port.


Board Gaming

Time Stories. A look at how the timestream occurs.

Pandemic Legacy. The pandemic reaches new heights but can we define it.



AyOwa and their latest EP will be reviewed.


UK Television 

TV to watch and to find out some hidden gems. How about some of Dave’s Taskmaster? For our international readers, I try and boil it down to the basics – why should you watch it. 



A review of a bottle of oxygen?  We look at the Boost Oxygen range and try to work out what it is.



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