Erisea’s Top Five Albino Animals


Nature is incredible and it never ceases to amaze us which is why we have decided to create a list of our top five albino animals., one of wildlife’s most amazing mishaps.  Albino is the term used to refer to the lack of pigmentation in the skin, that leaves it completely white.

Photo by Adrian Pingstone

Abino Penguin



Albino Kangaroo

Albino Alligator

Albino Peacock


Bill Kuffrey


Albino Koala


It is so hard to decide which animals made our top 5 and then even harder to pick which one out of the five we loved the most.  The peacock just made us say ‘wow’, we have never come across an albino peacock before so it had a real impact on us.  The koala and penguin have super cuteness factors that are simply off the scale and so come joint top, if we were forced to pick of course.

Which of these is your favourite?  Which made you say wow?

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