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How about a car chase game where you can evade cops for increasing lengths of times?  Interested? Read On….


Escape: Close Call is about the adrenaline. It is a driving game where adrenaline is created through near misses and other dangerous elements of a car chase. Escape the vehicles of enemies and complete near impossible missions to unlock more and more exciting features.


You start off as a basic car in a 10 minute chase – except you will struggle to last 1. The opening gameplay leaves a lot to be desired but it catches you wanting to beat that time.  The more times you play – the more coins you obtain to upgrade the car.

The key point to the gameplay is the movement of the car – not great – the most irritating issues were the drifting and lack of “slow down time”.  You’re expected to get close, but it takes way too long to get that balance and not hit the police. One hit at the start and you are dead.

Upgrades to the car’s petrol tank or its health, plus some other elements will lead to you meeting that first target more swiftly and that is the pattern throughout.  The difficulty curve should be less sharp but if you struggle – don’t worry – we did too.



Not a fantastic game but we love the ambition of it. It felt good to evade the police but the controls felt sluggish and the difficulty level detracted from the graphics – in our opinion. 

Main positives are a retro feel art style making you think you are in a retro car chase seen on television/action chase in an 80s movie.  The negatives do detract from it but its a solid game – 3/5

3 out of 5

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