Essential Astrology by Amy Herring


Have you ever wondered how the planets, the stars and other heavenly bodies might have an effect on your life?  Well Essential Astrology by Amy Herring is just the book for you in that case.  

Amy Herring takes the reader through everything that you need to understand the essential parts of astrology, introducing of of the components that will be a part of journey into discovering and interpreting your natal chart.

From the very beginning it is clear that Herring want to ensure the reader can understand the concepts brought up in the book, whilst still being engaging and holding to the traditions of reading astrological charts.

The bulk of the book looks at how to delve deeper into the world of astrology and not get caught in the footfalls of stereotyping.  It uncovers just what each sign, aspect, house and planet really means and how it is important in your reading, getting right to the very core of each implication.

Aimed at beginners, this book really is suited to someone with a great interest in learn the subject, or even more intermediate learners that wish to enhance the knowledge on the subject they already posses.  It give you the tools to understand and carry out astrology for yourself and others, in a clear and concise manner.



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