Eurovision 2017 – Semi 1 – After Thoughts


I am watching the UK BBC Coverage, here are my thoughts of the 18 acts that tried to qualify for Saturday’s Final.  Thoughts on each country were made before I knew the result.

Will add some visuals later in the day.

Expect more content from us on Saturday with live Twitter facts and thoughts. 

18 Countries, 10 spots.

Live in Kyiv, Ukraine – This years motto is “Celebrate Diversity”


01 – “I Can’t Go On” – Sweden – Robin Bengtsson

Male Singer. Traditional Pop Boyband song with suits with Tron Visuals.

I do not understand the use of treadmills but at least they are trying to be different.

Dancing on the treadmill with photos sessions in the song – not the greatness. 

3 Words to Describe it – Boy Dance Treadmill  Score – 6/10


02 – “Keep the Faith” – Georgia – Tamara Gachechiladze

Red dress Diva. Lots of Smoke.  Sounds like a pop diva’s ballad that you hear on a James Bond Movie. Takes a layer off and the song changes to keep up. Good visuals and some pyrotechnics at the end.  Not an overly produced song but one that holds its own in production.

3 Words to Describe it – Diva Smouldering Faith   Score – 7/10


03 – “Don’t Come Easy” – Australia – Isaiah

Teenage Dreams from long haired Aussie X Factor winner. Moody start. Visuals behind him are multiple images of him in a gentle wind tunnel and then underwater. Weird.

It feels like its one of the X Factor winning songs that you forget after a few weeks. Average.

3 Words to Describe it – Moody Pop Ballad   Score – 6/10

04 – “World” – Albania – Lindita

Smoke and a white wedding style dress – “diva” fied with added sparkle. Spinning Clocks in the visual. Good vocals, they drew me into the song.  High Note extended – dam!!

3 Words to Describe it –  High Note Diva Score – 7/10

05 – “Blanche” – Belgium – City Lights

Gentle beginning, it not really a Eurovision style you see often. It sounds like she is whispering, waiting for the big crescendo but its not coming.

The visual of lights and stars and geometric movement work.  

3 Words to Describe it – Quiet and Intriguing   Score – 8/10

06 – “Space” – Montenegro – Slacko Kalezic

Male with a detachable metre long hair braid? What!  In a dress with a see through top. Another whispering beginning.  Dress gone – jazz pants on.

Twirling his braid – adding to much to the production. So over the top. But that is a classic Euro style.  Not for me.

3 Words to Describe it –  Eurotrash overtop twirls Score – 6/10


07 – “Blackbird” – Finland – Norma John

A duo. Diva in a black dress with a piano played next to her. Lots of smoke with blue shifting shadows in the backgrounds. Good vocals with a moody style but I don’t see how this is different.

Now a changeup to focus on the piano.  A pace change with now red shifting backgrounds.

3 Words to Describe it – Diva Gentle Lullaby   Score – 7/10


08 – “Skeletons” – Azerbaijan – Dihaj

Moody blackboard walls with words written on. Diva in White and Black. Man in suit with a horse head on, and a ladder?

Walls come down and horse head comes off.  I am struggling to hear her vocally. Its one that will probably make it because of the visuals.


3 Words to Describe it – Visually Different Horse Score – 8/10


09 – “Amar Pelos Dois” – Portugal – Salvador Sobral

Violins in a forest – man on platform.  He is singing with his hands. Song in foreign language – so  I cannot really judge on song lyrics. 

Its him on a platform singing whilst nothing else is happening. Sadly not really for me. Its a too off the wall.

3 Words to Describe it – Sings with Hands  Score – 5/10


10 – “This is Love” – Greece – Demi

Stars in the background with a diva is an long slim dress.  Pattern change in song and visuals. “Euro”fied song. 2 topless male dancers in “live” water.

The water visuals are good with it acting like the main conduit in the song’s style and pacing.

3 Words to Describe it – Pace Changed Water Score – 9/10


11 – “Flashlight” – Poland – Kasia Mos

Diva in a White dress with a violinist on stage. Cue wind machine. Strong visuals with good atmosphere building.

Vocals strong but not striking. Too much pop diva not enough depth.

3 Words to Describe it – Strength no Depth  Score – 5/10


12 – “Hey Mamma” – Moldova – Sunstroke Project

Male group of three. One vocalist. Snazzy suits and intriguing background choice. Another one that looks like a wedding – with the three backup singers.

Novelty song of the night. Here comes the brides.

3 Words to Describe it – Bride Groom Saxophone  Score – 7/10


13 – “Paper” – Iceland – Svala

Dam! That outfit, does not leave much to the imagination in the top half. Strikingly different makeup and large earrings.   Retro styling with the white cloak.

Vocals are consistent and good. With good changeups not constantly at the same tone.

3 Words to Describe it – Retro Diva Depth   Score – 8/10


14 – “My Turn” – Czech Republic – Martina Barta

Diva in retro outfit. Strange background choice of people in their underwear.  Average ballad with the background taking away from the song.

3 Words to Describe it – Average in Pants  Score – 5/10


15 – “Gravity” – Cyprus – Hovig

Male vocalist.  Sounds like Rag n bone man – “Human” when it starts (I let you hear it). Average pop ballad with choreography. 

Nothing really stands out sadly apart from a few visual aspects.

3 Words to Describe it – Visually Trying hard  Score – 5/10 


16 – “Fly with Me” – Armenia – Artsvik

Lots of smoke surrounding the diva with a difference.  Visually striking outfit choice. 2 female dancers adding depth to her song style – showing elements of India.

3 Words to Describe it – Cultures intertwined Diva  Score – 9/10


17 – “On my Way” – Slovenia – Omar Naber

Bloke in a glittery suit. Belting it out big vocally.  Too much repetition in his vocals, it also sounds a little off key. But that might be my ear.

3 Words to Describe it –  Never Coming Back Score – 4/10


18 – “Line” – Latvia – Triana Park

Thought for a second it was Katy Perry. Visually different to the other acts tonight.  Retro yes but with such a large edge to it.  Visually strong with lots of colours – not good for those with Epilepsy for sure.

My favourite from this semi final.

3 Words to Describe it – Katy Perry Style?  Score – 9/10


Prediction –

7-9 Scores – 10 Countries. Georgia, Albania, Belgium, Finland, Azerbaijan, Greece, Moldova, Iceland, Armenia and Latvia.

6-4 Scores – 8 Countries to go home – Sweden, Australia, Montegro, Portugal, Poland, Czech R, Cyprus and Slovenia.


Lets see if I get 10/10 right.


Result –

Random Order – Lets see.

Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece, Sweden (first surprise – scored 6/10), WOW Portugal (5/10), Poland (5/10), Armenia, Australia (6/10), Cyprus (5/10) and Belgium.

5 from my 7-9 and 5 from my 6-4. Did worse than last year with my prediction.


For More Info –

See you live on Twitter on Saturday. If you are reading this after the event – I will add a link to Semi Final 2 here.






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