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Welcome to Semi 2.  Same as Tuesday – I will be looking at the semi final performances without knowing the result. So as to not have any bias. 

Not seen Semi 1 – Here’s the Afterthoughts article Link with Performance Links.

18 more acts with 10 spaces left.


And thus it begins.


01 – “In Too Deep” – Serbia – Tijana Bogicevic

Pop Diva dressed in wedding dress style.  Like the beat and the simplistic start.  Its a grower for me, I probably be thinking about the song tomorrow before the final.  That’s if it makes it.

Topless male dancer stumbles and acrobatically falls around the stage.  Good change of pace.

3 Words to Describe it – Bride Sings Well Score – 8/10

02 – “Running On Air” – Austria – Nathan Trent

Male pop singer on a large moon prop. Good light hearted song with pops with the crowd.  Good lyrics that are repeatable.

3 Words to Describe it – Light Pop Good Score – 9/10

03 – “Dance Alone” – F.Y.R Macedonia – Jana Burcheska

Diva singing about her makeup and clothes? Then dances alone. Confused to how it fits the theme.   Do admit it is catchy though. Good staging and good camera work.

3 Words to Describe it – Intriguing choices picked Score – 7/10

04 – “Breathlessly” – Malta –  Claudia Faniello

Another diva in a white dress. Gentle beat with the song focusing on the vocals.  Pop Diva singing a ballad – nothing really unique to it. However its likely a vote grabber.

3 Words to Describe it – Singing with Lungs Score – 7/10

05 – “Yodel It!” – Romania – Ilinca feat. Alex Florea

Rap and Yodelling combined?  Toys soldiers in the background with a rapping bloke and a yodelling woman.  What am I watching.

Now a cannon. It actually works well and has grabbed my attention greatly.  Weirdly great.

3 Words to Describe it – Yodel Rap Confusion Score – 10/10

06 – “Lights and Shadows” – The Netherlands – OG3NE

Girl group of 3 vocalists.  Love song ballad.  Not over the top and focusing on the vocal performance more than most other songs.  Pretty good and got the crowd going.

3 Words to Describe it – Key Lyrics Shouted Score – 8/10

07 – “Origo” – Hungary – Joci Papai

Foreign Language song. Male vocalist with good pipes on him.  Tapping on a jug while a violinist plays and a female dancer twirls around.   I like the beat and the style choices.

Rap time. Shows difference side to him but keeps to the styling to the song.  I actually like it – don’t know what the lyrics mean but its pretty good.

3 Words to Describe it – Not English Good Score – 7/10

08 – “Where I am” – Denmark – Anja

Diva in a red dress. Deep soulful sound. Catchy lyrics to grab your attention.  Simple buildup to a climax ending. Focusing on the key lyric – “Where I am”.

3 Words to Describe it – Catchy Main Lyric Score – 8/10


09 – “Dying to Try” – Ireland – Brendan Murray

Male vocalist in a hot air balloon prop. Diet Justin Bieber sadly.  His voice has not dropped that much – still quite high.

3 Words to Describe it – Diet Justin Bieber Score – 6/10

10 – “Spirit of the Night” – San Marino – Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson

Duet of man and woman.  Dance song with jazzy background choices. Its looks like its about the journey in the nightclub.  Not sure about the song – might be another grower.

3 Words to Describe it – Love in Nightclub Score – 7/10

11 – “My Friend” – Croatia – Jacques Houdek

Big bloke with a big personality.  Violinists and singing English with some foreign opera intertwined.   Pretty good choices made with some catchy singing lyrics. The dynamic between the two sides of the song is intriguing.

3 Words to Describe it – Big Bloke Opera Score – 8/10

12 – “Grab the Moment” – Norway – Jowst

Bit of a Underground fill with Coldplay and Daft Punk fill.  Band on stage with lots of purple including a purple LED Mask.  Good song – its another catchy one with a different setup visually to most – could that take them through?

3 Words to Describe it – Purple Underground Moments Score – 8/10

13 – “Apollo” – Switzerland – Timebelle

Diva in a yellow canary dress. Piano, drums and a tall mini yellow tower for the singer on the stage? Weird choice in the staging.

Good singer with vibrant yellow bringing a very vibrant performance.  She sings to the pianist after getting off her tower. Now I see its a classic Eurovision Diva song.  Yellows and Pinks represented well.

3 Words to Describe it – Lots of Yellow Score – 8/10


14 – “Story of My life” – Belarus – Naviband

Song all in their native tongue.  Looks like the White Stripes are on a hoverboat – very strange.  Duet of man and woman.  Lots of vibrant whites and lots of buildings in the background.  It is a song to put a smile on your face.

3 Words to Describe it – Folk White Stripes Score – 8/10


15 – “Beautiful Mess” – Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov

Male Teenage vocalist. Soulful beginning with some good lyric choices.  Ballad with impact.

Good camera work and some interesting graphical choices made.

3 Words to Describe it – Ballad with Impact Score – 9/10


16 – “Rain of Revolution” – Lithuania – Fusedmarc

Diva in a covered red dress and a techno beat.  Like the graphic of the beating heart in the background.  It is pretty good but its one that will likely be lost in the shuffle of this semi final.

3 Words to Describe it – Techno Beat Revolution Score – 7/10


17 – “Verona” –  Estonia – Koit Toome and Laura

Modern take on Romeo and Juliet – lets have a look.  Opens on the woman vocalist in a white dress. Prepare to be confused by the staging, there is only one stage – the camera work make it look like two separate.

Pretty average.  It feels like a song from the late 80s but it does not add to it.

3 Words to Describe it – Verona Lost Retro Score – 6/10


18 – “I Feel Alive” – Israel – Imri

Male vocalist looking like he is about to go to the fashionable gym.  Lots of production with pyro, camera changes and dancers.  He also has some good singing chops on him.

Euro hit but it is not for me. I expect it to go through.

3 Words to Describe it – Over the Top Score – 8/10


That’s all. Right Prediction time.



Overall, a better semi final that the one on Tuesday so higher scores get knocked out.

7 – 6 scores and likely out (7)-  Ireland, Macedonia, Malta, Hungary, San Marino, Lithuania and Estonia

8-10 scores and likely into the final (11)- Serbia, Austria, Romania, Netherlands, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland, Belarus, Denmark, Bulgaria and Israel.



In Random Order – but as Announced.

Through – Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary (7/10 – good song but thought they be out), Denmark, Israel, Romania, Norway, The Netherlands and Austria.



Links and Pictures to be added in due course – likely now after the event. You have my thoughts and I will highlight my top ten tonight.  


For More Info –

Semi 1 Link is in the first paragraph. If you are reading this after the final – Link will be here after.

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