Everything Alice by Hannah Read-Baldrey & Christine Leech



Lewis Carroll’s fantasy land is filled with all kinds of fantastical sights and beings, a walk through Wonderland can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech have both been swept up in the magical far off land that allowed Alice to get herself into so much trouble and have created a book that is crammed to the rafters full of crafts and projects that all entirely Alice inspired.

If you know someone who has a fascination with Carroll’s creation, then they will certainly fall in love with this book.  Read-Baldrey and Leech have created a fabulously bonkers collection of things to do, whether you are a crafter, a reader, a party planner or just wanting a little fun, you are sure to find it within the pages of Everything Alice.

One of our favourite projects contained within the charming pages of this book, has to be the Giant Rose Lights.  Anyone who has seen the Disney incarnation of Alice in Wonderland, will be familiar with the painted roses in the palace gardens.  Recreate their shape and feel with this brilliant tutorial that will have your garden bushes looking thoroughly suitable for the Queen of Hearts in no time, well providing you only create red ones that is, we don’t want any calls of ‘Off with their heads’ now do we?

There are a number of other charming projects to complete, a tea part bracelet, embroidery sampler, Duchess Macaroons, Wonderland Cookie Cutters and much, much more.  

Available from Quadrille, Everything Alice is just £14.99 and will arm you with everything you need to create a Wonderland right in your own home! 

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