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Ex cosmetics are a relatively new company who have designed cosmetics specifically for women with Olive Skin. For those women who have struggled with the mainstream brands not specifically catering for this skin tone this is an exciting revelation in the cosmetic industry, for a company to centre all their products around the Olive Skin Tone with many shades on offer to complement the diversity of shades of olive skin out there, their range comprises of 5 different shades of liquid foundation from F100 – F500. All shades contain light defusing particles to ensure that blemishes and fine lines are detracted from.

Find Your Shade - EX1 Cosmetics

The product itself is packaged in an unassuming glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The liquid foundation comes out of the bottle really easily and smoothly with no lumps or gritty particles and has a very light sent. The foundation is oil free which is perfect for olive skin tones which generally tend to be oiler than fairer skin tones. The product promises to ‘even out skin tone and correct imperfections for perfect coverage that is almost invisible’. And yes it does!
The foundation is light and blends into the skin flawlessly giving immediate evenness to skin tone as for imperfections these are gone along with fine lines, however major imperfections would need a touch of concealer. The foundation brightened the completion and gave a glow which lasted for several hours, whilst feeling very light like a powder, the coverage lasted all day without being topped up and still looked as good as it did on first application.

All in all this is a very good foundation ideal for Olive Skin Tones, it delivers everything it promises and more, definitely recommended for those ladies with darker skins who are looking for a natural look to their make up.

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