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In recent weeks we have been able to return to the Downton Abbey Estate for what is the sixth, and sadly final season of the hit period drama.  We have shared many things with this extended family, which as we have seen over the years invariably includes the staff.  Life has definitely changed from the first season and it seems that much like real life, everyone has a path to walk and it is not necessarily in the same direction as their loved ones.

The stunning, luxurious setting of Downton Abbey is over shadowed by the lives of those who live within its walls, whether it be upstairs or downstairs.  Will season six allow us to see them all happy?  Will Anna and Bates finally be at peace after so much turmoil?  Will Lady Mary make the right decisions for herself?  Will Edith find happiness finally?  Will we see Carson and Mrs Hughes take a trip up the aisle?  All of these questions and many more besides will be answered this season and we warn you, it is filled with highs, lows, tears, sorrow and shocks.

We caught up with the fabulous Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery and found out a little more about the final season and just what might be in store for us in this exclusive…


DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 6 is available on Blu-Ray and DVD on 16th November, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK)

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