From the Year 2015 – Expand


A Game to  get to the exit of the expanding and evolving maze? “Didn’t you here me… Get to the exit!” – Interested? Read on….



A game that is said to be meditative but ended up for us been strangely raging (in a good way).

As the game creators put it:

“Expand is a meditative video game in which you explore a circular labyrinth that constantly twists, stretches and expands underneath you.”


The maze is circular and the pattern is constantly changing in some way or another.  Its extremely addictive and kept us going for a long while (and a little bit of rage).


The player is the red square. Get the red square through the labyrinth.  This seemingly simple game evolves and develops the gameplay just on the simple premise of an evolving maze.




The game evolves into more than just black and white and introduces killzones quite quickly. Patterns stay the same for set bits of the level – but every death the angle the player plays changes.

Think of it like a clockface, if at the start of the game the player faces 12. Died near 3, the level changes its orientation making it extra hard.



Good addictive and simple but dam HARD!!!

4 out of 5

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