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Tom Francis, from The Men’s Gift Company is an expert when it comes to getting that perfect gift for the Groom.  It’s not an easy task we know, so we thought we would ask Tom the best way to go about this.

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What do you think people need to consider about the Groom before even attempting to buy a gift?

Every man has his own unique style.  Some men won’t touch a skinny tie so purchasing a skinny tie slide wouldn’t be a wise choice.  For those unsure, a pair of cuff links is always a safe bet.

Are there any particular dos and don’ts that people should be aware of?

There are all sorts of old sayings relating to what colours should and shouldn’t go together such as ‘brown and blue will never do’ and ‘blue and green should never be seen’ and there will always be lots of trends that come and go. Many couples are opting to add more colour to their wedding day to reflect their unique personalities so most don’t follow rules but instead choose what works for them. I would say the the most important thing when purchasing a gift for someone is to just be aware of their own tastes and to purchase something that reflects their personality!


In your eyes what is the perfect gift for the Groom and why?

– An engraved mechanical pocket watch.  Most grooms wear waistcoats on the big day and there is no better accessory for finishing off this look than a silver or gold watch Albert.  Adding an engraving to the pocket watch means it will be treasured long after the wedding.

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What kind of budget would you suggest is just right for Groom gifting?

Budget is all relative.  We know that weddings can be very expensive these days and we sell gifts from £15 to well over £100 to provide a range to suit everyone’s budget, yet at the same time we don’t compromise on quality. It is possible to pick up a shiny rhodium plated tie slide on a modest budget, or for those with a little more to spend, our range of mechanical pocket watches or sterling silver and 9 gold tie tacks and cuff links are more suited.


Would you say there are different degrees of gifting depending on your relationship to the person you are buying for?

Yes, certainly.  I would say that the closer the relation the more is likely to be spent on the gift and the more personal and thoughtful the gift.  We find lots of wives-to-be are choosing our engravable jewellery products to add initials, the wedding date (which helps with wedding anniversaries!) or a discrete message for their loved one.


Many thanks to Tom for taking the time to share his thoughts with us, what do you think is the perfect gift?


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