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People are more and more aware of the body’s needs these days and the ways in which food supplements can be of great benefit to the health of everyone.

Something that can be very beneficial to natural health is Omega 3, an Essential Fatty Acid.  Now Omega 3 can only be obtained through diet, the body itself can’t actually produce it at all, so it falls to individuals to ensure that this is found through the food that is consumed.  In recent years there has been a definite increase in products actively promoting the fact that they contain Omega 3.

So what is Omega 3 and why do we need it?  As mentioned earlier, Omega 3 is an Essential Fatty Acid, yes, fat.  Much of the time the tern ‘fat’ is seen as being very negative, but this is not so.  The are different types of fat when it comes to things found in the body and these fall into good and bad types of fat.  Omega 3 is a good fat and is actually essential for good health increasing the absorption of vitamin, nourishing the skin, hair and nails for an outward glow, it helps the nerves and cells to function properly, not to mention promote the growth and development of people and aid combating illnesses.

Why do we seem to need it more today than years ago? Diet has changed dramatically over the years, whereas in more ancient times people would have had diets rich natural, organic produce that they gathered from around them, they had no access to processed food.  An example of this is a modern diet based on the diets of cavemen, sometimes called the Palaeolithic Diet.

This is a diet that is high in protein, fibre and fat, but lower in salt and carbohydrates.  More fat.  One of these fats is Omega 3.  So, when the agricultural revolution occurred and there were more mechanical processes, diets changed dramatically.  People were introduced to processed, altered food.

_ND48495How can we introduce Omega 3 into our diet? There are many ways to get the Omega 3 that is needed in our diets, including eating food rich in it.  These foods include flax seeds, canola oil, walnuts, beans and of course seafood.  You can even buy dairy products that have been enriched with Omega 3, such as butter/margarine spreads.

Another way is to take a food supplement.  Nordic Oil is one such supplement, specifically created to introduce high grade Omega 3 into the diet.  It was created by James Slade, a chiropractor who was frustrated with the lack of Omega 3 containing products available on the market, that were of a low quality but a high price.

He created Nordic Oil from fish sources in deep clear waters, which includes herring, anchovies and sardines.  It is triple filtered to ensure that it is a pure as possible and of the best quality.  James stated that,

“I believe that our products are the best, and that’s why I trademarked the name. So when you see the Nordic Oil trademark on a supplement, you know that only the best and highest quality ingredients and standards have gone into producing it.”

The dosage is just 1 teaspoon per day for adults or 1/2 a teaspoon for children and even though the presumption is that the oil will taste of fish, it doesn’t.  In fact it has a rather pleasant lemon flavour.  For a 500ml bottle it costs £26.99, with a teaspoon being just 5ml this means that one bottle contains 100 teaspoons, 100 adult doses or 200 for children!

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