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crisps in packWe have all heard about how important traceability is in the agricultural industry and why it is increasingly of interest for consumers to know which farm their pork, chicken or beef came from. But have you ever eaten a bag of crisps and wondered which potato made those crisps? Probably not. But in a world where people do want to understand more about their food, Fairfields Farm Crisps have recognised that this could be something consumers want to know, and they can actually provide you with that information!

Fairfields Farm is run by a husband and wife team – the Stratherns – who are the third generation to have farmed potatoes on the Essex / Suffolk borders family  farm. In 2006 they launched Fairfields Farm Crisps, which are available in a range of different flavours including: sea salt, salt and Aspall cyder, farmhouse cheese and chive, sweet chilli, salt and black pepper, sour cream and onion, chorizo and sunblushed tomato, and – our favourite here at Erisea magazine – smoky bacon and sunday roast potato flavour. They also have a selection of parsnip and sweet potato crisps, some of which are gluten free and suitable for coelics (you can check their website for full details).

cat and crispsThe packaging of the range sings of premium quality, and the crisps themselves are hand-cooked to perfection, with just enough flavour so that you aren’t overwhelmed by the pungency of the ingredients.

The chorizo and sunblushed tomato version has the smoky paprika-hit of Suffolk chorizo, and the sweet chilli crisps (chillis also sourced from Suffolk) have a generous punch of spice. Smoky bacon and roast potato flavour really is reminiscent of the comfort of a Sunday roast dinner, and they are dangerously addictive. The Stratherns source their bacon from a farm just down the road from their own to produce their natural flavouring for the crisps, and it’s wonderful to see that practically everything they use for their crisps is sourced locally from the region they farm in.

For those people wanting a healthier option to the crips, you can also buy potatoes directly from Fairfields Farm, as they deliver extensively through Sussex and Essex.

Find out more about the Fairfields Farm range of crisps and potatoes by visiting their website.

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