Fairytale: A True Story


In 1917, Cottingley near Bradford saw attention from the war shift when two little girls, cousins Elsie Wright (1900-88) and Frances Griffiths (1907-86), showed their parents some incredible photographs they had taken.  What was so special about these photographs?  Well, the girls had taken pictures of each other and what appeared to be a group of fairies.  The photos gripped the nation and quickly captured the attention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes but also quite a famous Spiritualist.  

ft-1Fairytale: A True Story is based upon the actual events that occurred between 1917 and 1921.  An all star cast is headed by Paul McGann (Queen of The Damned, Luther) and Phoebe Nichols (Currently in TV’s Fortitude) as Elsie’s parents Polly and Arthur.  

Frances Griffiths (Elizabeth Earl) comes to stay with the Wright family after her mother dies and father is listed as Missing In Action during World War One.  Elsie (Florance Hoath) and Frances see Polly struggling wit the loss of her son and decide to find a way to put hope back into her life.  When Arthur leaves a camera out, the girls see their opportunity and in that moment their lives are changed dramatically.

ft-6McGann and Nichols are joined by a host of incredible talent including Peter O’Toole, Bill Nighy and Harvey Keitel, as the girl’s photographs are scrutinised.  The film shows the world as these two young cousins saw it, fairies and all.  It is a heart-warming tale of two young children that want to take the pain of grief away from some on they love.  A story of those children wanting to share the fantastic world of fairies to change someone’s life.  

Beautifully told and magical, Fairytale: A True Story is available from 23rd March 2015 on DVD and is certain to make you want to check the bottom of your garden for fairies!

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