Fairytale: Story of The Seven Dwarves


FAIRYTALE: STORY OF THE SEVEN DWARVES on DVD from March 16th, 2015 is a collection of everyone’s most treasured and loved childhood characters and tales rolled into one hysterical and endearing animated film. 

The Kingdom is preparing for the 18th birthday of Princess Rose, but this is no ordinary birthday celebration for Rose has been locked away and protected her entire life, shrouded in armour, in the hope that she would reach her 18th year without fulfilling the terrible curse that was laid upon her at her christening by the evil Snow Queen.

Rose has a plan though, should anything go wrong her beloved Jack, who has been sent to safety to live with the Seven Dwarves, will return and break the curse of a century long slumber with the kiss of true love.  Little does Rose know that Jack’s journey to find the Dwarves ends in disaster, having come so close he is whisked away by a tap dancing dragon

sd1It is then left to the Seven Dwarves to save the day as they embark on a journey to find Jack, rescue the Princess and save the castle.  Travelling across the kingdom the seven dwarves sing, Bobo counts and they persevere until they reach the distant lair of the evil Snow Queen.  Guarded by a seemingly vicious dragon, Jack is held prisoner, but can Bobo and his six friends save the day?

Fairytale: Story of Seven Dwarves is non-stop laughs, with gags that will keep both grown ups and children entertained, a mix of all of your favourite fairy tales, from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood, to Jack and the Beanstalk.  Innovative, refreshing and great fun!

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