Faking It…The Right Way!


The sun is out, (some of the time) and summer is fast approaching, so thoughts turn to getting the perfect tan.  Sunbathing is not the most sensible option now days with all of the information we have about harmful rays, that doesn’t make us want stunning tanned skin any less though.  However, fake tan has a bad reputation, no one wants to be orange or have those tell-tale streaks all over their legs.  So what choice do you have?

Faking It…The Right Way! 

If you follow a few simple rules, you will be well on your way to a flawless fake tan! 

  • Clean the skin.
  • Exfoliate.
    • This is really important, efxoliating removes the dead skin cells from the surface, leaving healthy skin behind.  A good exfoliation will ensure that you have an even tan that isn’t patchy.
  • Moisturise.
    • Apply moisturiser to your skin before tanning.  Pay special attention to your elbows and areas of particular dryness.  Make sure that you let the moisturiser completely absorb into the skin before applying any fake tan.
  • Use a mitt.
    • One thing that can be annoying about applying fake tan, is what it does to your hands, leaving them a weird colour, with lots of build up.  Using a mitt not only stops this from happening, but it ensures your application is even and streak free.
  • Test It.
    • Apply a little of the fake tan to an area of your skin that is hidden, such as your belly.  Make sure that you are completely happy with the colour before putting it all over.  This will also allow you to see how well the tan takes to your skin.
  • Follow the instructions.
    • Always follow the instructions, the people who make your fake tan know it best.

Faking It…a few options.


There are two options from Sunkissed for fake tanning, the Self-Tan Mouse and Gradual Lotion.  

Self-Tan Mouse

Instant colour, the Self-Tan mouse is tinted while you apply, so you can see where you have already put it, this is good as it enables you too make sure the tan is more even.  It has Aloe Vera and Glycerine to make sure that your skin remain moisturised and nourished for the five days that your new bronzed tan will last.

You need to be wary though, there is no sunscreen in this product, if you go out into the sun you should put your SPF on to protect your skin! 

Gradual Lotion

As the name suggests, the Gradual Lotion will take time to build up.  Replacing your normal moisturiser with Sunkissed’s Gradual Lotion will not only give you a lovely bronzed tan that looks and feels natural, it will keep your skin nourished with Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

It is not tinted though, so you need to make sure that you apply it everywhere and let it dry completely before dressing.

Sunkissed products are available from £4.99

Beauty Lab

peptide beauty labA lovely fake tan option, Beauty Lab Peptide Tanning Instant Colour Rapid Tan is great.  When you first put it on do not be shocked, the cream is almost back, you can see exactly where you are applying it, but you need to be a little speedy to keep the application even.

It absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving an instant glowing tan that also hydrates and moisturises.  It dries very quickly, in around 2 or three minutes.  

The added bonus with this product is that is will also help to firm the skin up and will fade naturally, it wont leave horrific patches of dirty looking skin and it wears off.

Beauty Lab Rapid Tan is available for £22.00

Palmer’s Natural Bronze Body Lotion

palmerKnown for their incredible skin products, Palmer’s have now created a way to get the natural tan you have always wanted with out too much bother.  Using this daily, a gradual natural colour builds, whilst keeping your skin in tip-top condition with its Vitamin E and of course Cocoa Butter.

Find out where your nearest stockist is here.

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