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Every year we see a slew of new trends hitting the catwalks and in turn the high street. This year is no different and is in fact quite an exciting year in fashion. The trends that are taking the fashion world by storm in 2014 are all vastly different!


Spring/Summer 2014 is filled with sublime pastels and feminine florals. Skater dresses and delicate fabrics, such as lace, are filling our shopping baskets just waiting for the weather to brighten up a little. The extent of the pastel trend doesn’t just adorn pretty skirts and blouses, but overcoats, which are huge this season are being demanded in every pastel shade imaginable!


Slowly we are seeing this trend evolve and the subtle shades of chalk are being enhanced with pops of bright neon colour. Along with this pop of colour we are seeing the emerging use of monochrome, which will slowly replace the softer hues and bridge the Spring/Summer 2014 and Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion seasons.


Autumn/Winter will be filled with strong geometric patterns, leading on from the monochromatic look and branching out into more details and interesting patterns. The strong theme of colour blocking will eventually give way, as winter settles in, when shoppers and catwalks alike will be obsessed with natural, tactile fabrics and clothes, the most impressive of which will be the fairy tale inspired outerwear, in the form of capes and cloaks. These will continue the colour pop thread we see throughout the year, with decorative applique features.


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