Father’s Day 2015 – A Close Shave Part 1


A popular choice for present giving when Father’s Day comes around, is anything related to shaving.  It is a fact of life for the males of the species, that once they reach a certain age they need tame their whiskers and trim their mane, but with so many products on the market it can be an absolute nightmare to find something that suits your Dad perfectly.  Erisea is here to help with an option for every type of Dad shave.

Looking After The Skin

When it comes to blokes, it is easy to forget that their skin needs just as much care and attention as the skin of us ladies does, so the right place to start is skincare for men.  It’s manly skincare though from The Real Shaving Company

Courtesy of The Real Shaving Company

Courtesy of The Real Shaving Company


Getting rid of dirt and dead skin is easy now with this Daily Face Scrub that will cleanse, exfoliate and invigorate the skin, leaving it smooth and prepared for shaving.  It has a deep, musky scent with a hint of spice.

Courtesy of The Real Shaving Company

Courtesy of The Real Shaving Company


Next up is how the shave is facilitated.  As much as having the right tools for the job is important, and we have a great article coming up this week all about which ones could be right for your Dad, it is just as vital to get the right lubrication, so that their shave is comfortable.

The Real Shaving Company has made a range of lotions and creams that would do the trick here, but our favourite is definitely the Super Slide Shave Gel.  It is an invisible gel that allows the razor o glide effortlessly over the skin, leaving no razor burn or irritation.  The skin is nourished, protected and soothed by the Willowbark extract and Aloe Vera.


Finally, after the skin has been scrubbed, shaved and cleaned, it will need a touch of tender loving care and there is no better way than to use SPF15 Ant-Ageing Moisturiser.  It will moisturise the skin using Cocoa Butter, protect from UVA and UVB rays from the sun using the SPF 15 and finally it has been infused with Q10 to give your Dad a little firm up and tighten, leaving him looking and feeling younger! 

To find out where your nearest stockist of The Real Shaving Company is, just check out their website


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