Father’s Day 2015 – A Close Shave Part 2


In our last article about shaving, we looked at looking after Dad’s skin so that his shaving experience was a much better one and left him looking and feeling better.  Now we are going to take a look at actually tackling Dad’s whiskers.  All Dads ma be created equal in some respects, but with shaving that just isn’t the case, but fear not we have you covered! 

The Clean Shave Dad


bra For the Clean Shave Dad we have the Braun cruZer5 Clean Shave, a shaver that will leave Dad with smooth skin every time, no matter the beard! 

It has a triple action shaver head, meaning that even on a three-day beard your Dad gets a fantastic performance and a comfy shave is helped by the SensoFoil.  

The precision trimmer allows him to get those sideburns out of the dark ages and looking just the way he wants.  He can even take his time, up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving means there is no need to rush and the LED display will alert him to when he needs to pop it on charge! 

Braun cruZer5 Clean Shave Available from Boots for £89.99


The Beard Shaping Dad


image020For the beard shaping Dad we have chosen to tell you about the Braun cruZer6 Beard & Head, more suited to the Dad who likes to have stylish facial hair.  

The Beard & Head comes with two combs, one for each area that Dad might want to tackle and they are Click & Lock Cobs, meaning they are easier to use and have a more precise use.  It also has a sliding trimmer, which is unique to the Beard & Head cruZer, it even works with the combs on!

The Beard Comb allows your Dad to trim from anywhere between 1 – 11 mm and the Head Comb gives the options of between 10 -20 mm lengths, so Dad gets a much more precise trim.

Coming with a dual battery system, your Dad will get up to 40 minutes trimming time with a one hour charge.

Braun cruZer6 Beard & Head Available from Boots for £39.99

The Bearded Wonder Dad


Courtesy of Trevor Sorbie

Courtesy of Trevor Sorbie

For the Dad who is a bearded wonder, a mass of whiskered gloriousness, we have found just the shaver to live up to the task, the Trevor Sorbie Professional 5in1 Beard + Grooming Kit

Promising not to dull over time, the stainless steel grooming kit comes with everything a maned male could need to get it under control.  Complete with a beard trimmer, design trimmer, hair trimmer, foil shaver, as well as a nose and ear trimmer, what more could he ask for?

The comb attachments are all adjustable, giving more flexibility to the way Dad can style his beard and hair and the stainless steel blades mean that the shape he desired is just minutes away, they give the most amazing precision meaning whether he is going for a handle-barred waterfall of whiskers or a clean shave, he has the power to make it happen.

Trevor Sorbie Professional 5in1 Beard + Grooming Kit available from Boots for £39.99



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