Father’s Day 2015 – Bitter Brews

Many Dads out there savour their morning cup of coffee as if it were the Crown Jewels, so this year is the perfect time to give Dad a wonderful treat that keeps on giving…coffee.

The AeroPress

302224-Aeropress-Coffee--2Straight from the coffee connoisseurs in the United States of America, comes he AeroPress, a slightly different way to brew your favourite cup of bitter beans.  It can be used to make American Style or Espresso Style offes to use in your favourite manner, be it cappacinos, lattes or even a Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip.  The point is, no matter how you, or should we say, your Dad likes to take his coffee, the AeroPress can be used in the process.
 Brewing not just one but up to four cups, per press, it has a total immersion system which enables it to brew at not just a quicker time but with a better flavour and temperature.  After just 10 seconds of the water and coffee mixing together, the AeroPress gently pushes the coffee through the micro filter, (of which there are 350 included), this takes just 20 seconds and hey presto, your coffee is ready and waiting.
 The AeroPress even comes with a funnel, to avoid messy spills, a stirrer and a coffee scoop! It is available from Whittard for just £25.00 and they of course have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking the right coffee for Dad to drink, here are a couple of our favourites…

 Mocha Djimmah – Light/Medium 2

This coffee is actually Whittard’s Coffee of the Month for June.  It originates from Djimmah in Ethiopia and is a full-bodied, light to medium roast that has a rich, almost wine flavouring blended with Dark seductive chocolate.  It is a fabulous choice to use with The AeroPress, but you can make it with your usual method if you want.

Available from £3.50

 Café Français Exclusive Blend – Dark 5

Another of their Coffee of the Month blends for June, comes from Colombia in South America and is another full-bodied coffee, however this is a dark roasted blend that is dubbed as being ‘distinctly continental.’

Again this is a wonderful choice to have with The AeroPress, but you aren’t limited to drinking it using The AeroPress, you can brew it using any method you wish and you will feel as if you are sat in a chic Italian cafe as you sip this classic rich drink.

Available from £3.50

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