Fathers Day Gift Guide – More Stuff for the Man


Gadgets and Gizmos to suit specific Dads. The Gardener, The Beer Drinker who loves novelty, The Morning Breakfast Eater and the Secret DIYer.


Gtech HT05 Plus hedge cutter

How about a Hedgetrimmer to add to the Dad’s collection of gardening toys?

“Awarded a Which? best buy this trimmer makes light work of gardening and is Ideal for keeping on top of the grass and weeds in the Spring/Summer months.”


HT05-Plus-banner-V1e_1This a lightweight and easy to use gadget to help dads trim up high and down low on those often difficult hedges.

It has a 1.7m extendable reach so those tops of the hedges  will be reached with ease. Low hedges too will mean no bending and no straining their backs.

The HT05 Plus comes with a 14.4V high performance motor so no struggling or straining for this device. Powered by a Lithium ion battery, it runs up to a 45 minute hedge trimming journey – when powered from a 3 hour charge.

Weighing in at just 1.7 Kg, its lightweight design fits the run time perfectly. This easy to handle device glides easily across hedges and 45 minutes will feel a breeze.

Simple operating mechanic of an on hand power trigger and a safety button means that dad will be safe and sound.

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The Mason Beer Stein

How about a massive beer glass that will hold 2 Litres or 1/2 Gallon of Beer?


Built because of Oktoberfest, the container can be considered a cult glass from a cult festival.  Imagine having a drink from a glass that holds 4 Pints!!!  It is designed for those who “believe one pint is merely child’s play”.

The container weighs in a 3 Kg, so only a few chosen individuals will be able to pry it away from the table. The container is a joy to behold.

“The Mason Beer Stein doesn’t believe Oktoberfest should hog all the beer glory.”

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Image Courtesy of Genie Gadgets.


Breville 2 and 4 Slice Toasters – Perfect for Warburtons

image courtesy of Breville

image courtesy of Breville


Does your Dad in your life love Toast. Well a new toaster perfect for Warburtons bread has come onto the market. 

Million of slices of Warburtons are consumed daily and a toaster designed perfectly to fit a slice is ideal. Gone are the times where bread is undercooked on one side. Gone are the accidents where you burn your toast.

Leading kitchen appliance brand, Breville, have collaborated with  the number 1 UK Bakery brand to come up with a “perfect fit” toaster. 

It fits the Warburtons “Toastie” Loaf. The bread designed for toast.

Available in a 2 and 4 slot toaster it contains deeper and wider bread slots than other toasters available on the market, guaranteeing flawless golden brown slices each and every time!

This one-of-a-kind toaster is available on Breville.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk – grab it while it’s hot!

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The Wallet Ninja


This card like device fits into a wallet. So does your dad love fixing things and need a sneaky tool to add to his collection. The Metal Card is not flimsy (1.5mm of 4 x heat-treated steel – will never chip, rust or bend), added with all the added ways that Dad can use it – its perfect.

Features: 3 screwdrivers; 6 hex head nuts & bolts; bottle, can & letter opener; box cutter; ruler, phone stand & peeler

Even the TSA have approved it for flights so fixing stuff abroad is a possibility.

unnamed(1)The Wallet Ninja costs £8.99 from Menkind




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