Father’s Day Gift Guide – Shaving


With Father’s Day on the horizon our thoughts turn to treating the Dads in our lives with fabulous treats.  This is no easy task and there are so many options out there, it is difficult to know where to start or even what with.  So, over the next week, Voix Magazine is going to bring you some interesting, quirky and really useful gifts for Dads all over, today we start with shaving!


The Braun Series 5 shaver is definitely one for the Dads this Father’s Day.  The very latest in shaving technology, the Braun Series 5 sports the Flex MotionTec for a cleaner shave that reduces the irritation on the skin and the overall pressure.  The patented Ultra ActiveLift gets to work on problem hairs, even in more difficult areas.  This is done in fewer strokes due to the new Power Drive that creates 20% more power than previous shavers.

The Series 5 comes fully equipped with the Automatic Clean & Charge station, giving a more hygienic, better powered and more lubricated shave, each and every time.

The Braun Series 5 has an RRP of £199.00 and is available from Boots where they have 1/3 off from 30th May until 26th June 2014, just in time for Father’s Day.






If your father isn’t technologically advanced and prefers a more old school approach to shaving, then The Bluebeards Revenge  could be just the ticket  for your Dad.

Award winning, paraben free and let’s face it, rather funky looking, the range includes a cut throat razor and shaving brush that harp back to yesteryears, but their approach to shaving couldn’t be more different.  With policies of ‘Not For Girls’, anti ‘Bum Fluff Brigade’ and generally just misbehaving, the company are fun and unique!





With countless products about to chose from and if you have a more sensitive Dad, maybe The Cooler by The Shave Doctor would be a good choice for you.

A selection of three shaving formulas designed to help ‘Free Yourself From Shaving Irritation’ and for what they say is the ‘best shave of your life’.

The Cooler contains a Shave Gel Oil which is reported to drastically reduce shaving rash, protects the skin and softens the hair roots.  It also has the Ultimate Shaving Creme for brilliant lubrication, a great lather and which is specially developed for using with a brush.  Finally The Cooler contains the Aftershave Cooling Gel which cools, soothes and reduces redness.







Erasmic are the final offering for today’s guide to Father’s Day and are another wonderful one for Dads who like to do things without the use of electrical items and modern technology.

Their Shaving Soap is made from pure natural glycerine for a frothy lather sure to cover those facial hairs and what better way than to apply that lather than with the Erasmic Pure Bristle Shave Brush? Made from hog hair to give better resistance and be softer on the skin.



Maybe shaving isn’t what you are looking for in a gift though.  Never fear as we have much more to share with you over the course of the week, so plenty more ideas will be heading your way!

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