Festival Fever – Extras


We have a few more extra bits and bobs to share with you in our final look at festivals.

Staying Refreshed

Keeping hydrated has to be the number one thing you think about when at a festival.  Being out all day in the heat and under the sun can take it’s toll on your body and dehydration is a real concern.

Lemonade-EU-330ml_rendering (1) (2)Vita Coco

‘When life gives you lemons, DEMAND COCONUTS.’

Drinking doesn’t have to be boring though and if your taste buds stretch to the flavour of lemonade coupled with coconut, then Vita Coco Lemonade is just what you are looking for!

A refreshing taste of summer, Vita Coco Lemonade is smooth, zingy and zesty with a decidedly coconut base, Vita Coco say that it’s lemonade will ‘ensure you remain energised, healthy and refreshed throughout the long weekend; come rain or shine.’


Let It Shine

The sun will invariably be shining and just as you need to keep hydrated, you need to protect your eyes. We are all for the fun and funky options out there and even have a few in our handbags ready to take with us this year, but if you wear glasses it can be the case that wearing some shades that are eccentric can diminish your experience at the festival by not being able to see properly.

Sportviz Sun CoreSportviz Sun CoreSportviz Sun CoreSportviz

A company that have taken stylish eye wear to a new level.  Not only is it possible to have prescription lenses included as part of their glasses system, but they are removable and wearable in many situations including action packed sports.  Sportviz have made it easy for you to select your perfect glasses, chose a core pair, then your colour and finally add the prescription.

They are custom built and many of the options are perfect for being in a big, excitable crowd.  Adaptable and customisable, they could be the perfect pair of sunnies for your festivals this year!

Looking Good

Face Lace

Festival Chic with Face Lace1


Phyllis Cohen makes Face Lace and it is dramatic, instantaneous, incredible eye make up.  Simply peel off and stick on for a glorious festival look.  Reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s the vivid nature inspired designs are sure to bring out your wild side!



image001 No festival will be complete without some funky jewellery.  Now it is always a concern that you will lose or damage your favourite pieces, Curbbz is a great alternative.

Made of silicone and series of links are woven together and then finished with three 316 grade stainless steel ones to create interest and a centre piece to the bracelet,

Unisex in design, the bracelets come in a wide range of colours and are durable, fresh looking and very pretty!

gradualwebiconFake Bake

Not everyone likes to get a sun tan by sitting in the sun and a lot of the time if you are off for a big weekend somewhere you want to get yourself looking sun kissed before you go.

Fake Bake is brilliant to give you a natural looking gradual tan that can be built up over time to achieve the perfect look.  Evening out your own skin tone, whilst feeling luxurious on the skin, the formula is made up of natural ingredients and tanning agents, it is completely paraben free.

The tanning process is further enhanced when using Fake Bake by combining it with the Oil Free Moisturizer and Face Polish.  Giving you radiant skin with a golden glow that resonates beautifully.

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