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Of course festival going is not all about hair, wellies and looking good, we can’t forget about those essentials and fun little extras that make the experience that much better.  From gadgets and sun cream to blister help and bug bites, we have prepared a little guide to what might be useful for you this summer !

 The Skin

The skin will need a lot of looking after during festival season, here are a few things to help keep it tip top shape!

Clarifying Wipes

Cleansing Wipes


Our faces will endure a lot of dirt, grim, heat and partying during any festival, along with make up and exposure to the sun.


Murad Clarifying Wipes are perfect for doing this job.  Easily removing dirt and bacteria and unclogging pores, they leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.


This handy resealable packet will slip into your handbag leaving you ready to tackle the festivals face first.




Essential-C Sun BalmSun Balm


Murad Essential-C Sun Balm is a broad spectrum SPF with a factor of 35.

A compact stick of sun protection, this balm is made with the face, neck and chest in mind.  It helps to hydrate and retain moisture due to the presence of Tangerine Butter.  Hydration is so important with the warmer weather.  Containing Broccoli Extract which helps to stimulate the skins own defences against the harmful rays of the sun, Essential-C Sun balm glides onto the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving soft, protected skin.

Much like the wipes, the packaging means that it can be kept to hand in your pocket or handbag, leaving you to enjoy the sun and the festival!




P20 Once A Day Sun Protection


Of course when you are out in the sun all day, it is not just your face that needs protecting, your whole body needs to be shielded from the harmful effects that the sun can have.  P20 have created a range sun protection products that will do just that, better still you only need to apply them once a day!

A clear, non sticky spray is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no white marks and you fully protected, even for up to 80 minutes in the water.  It is even suitable for all member of the family and is available in a range of factors from 15 to 50!


Extras you might need


A range of little added extras for your festival experience can easily be forgotten.  Superdrug hold a range of items that can be picked up cheaply to pop in your bag and take with you.

Compeed Blister Relief is one such item.  A plaster that will cushion and protect the affected area, lasting at least 24 hours, perfect for a busy day listening to music on your feet all day.

A lot of the festivals are in fields, so if you are a hayfever sufferer you should remember to pack some of those so your time is ruined by runny noses, watery eyes and sneezing galore.


Bug Bites

zap-it green HR One of the worst things about the summer is bugs.  Bugs can easily ruin any day, when they bite it itches, swells and leaves horrible red welts all over the body.  If your insect repellent wears off or you run out and get bitten, then you need to deal with them to ease the irritation.

The size of your thumb, this little gadget emits a small electrical charge into bites to prevent itching and sooth inflammation.



We all want to capture those special and exciting moments and most of us like to stay connected to the world when we are out and about.  That means we want to take our gadgets with us where ever we go.  That comes with inherent risks of dropping and breaking, having drinks spilled on them or even the chance of rain!

Beach BuoyBeach Buoy


The Beach Buoy by Proporta is an ingenious idea.  Popping your phone (or tablet) inside protects the device from dirt and moisture.

Effectively the Beach Buoy is a water tight envelope with a window in that allows you to still use the touch screen and a secure drawstring to enable you to hang it around your neck so it can’t stray far.

This is the perfect way to protect your expensive electrical equipment at the festivals this summer.  We all know festival season is prone to rain, excited festival goers who spill drinks and it is all together a rather mucky affair.


U ShotX Shot

The U Shot is a fantastic tool to help make your festival going much more enjoyable.

A telescopic, aluminium rod, the U Shot allows you to attach your compact camera to the universal screw.  Then using your timer setting, raise your camera up above the crowd and get yourself some incredible pictures without a thousand heads in the way.

It is light weight and collapses down from 49 cm to 18 cm, making it easy to pop in a bag or indeed use the strap to hold it secularly around your wrist.

Comfortable to use, the bottom of the U Shot is padded.  Get ready to make even the hardest to see stages memorable with this device!

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