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No festival goer is ever complete without something to go on those tootsies, but donning a pair of heels is generally out of the question as most festivals are either in a muddy field or one that will soon become extremely muddy.

Today we want to share some of the options available to you, so that you can be stylish and ahead of the curve when it comes to festival footwear fashion!


We only ever think of good old Wellington Boots when we think of Winter, Autumn and rain.  Wellies are a fabulous addition to your festival outfits though, they can look amazing, while keeping your feet clean and dry throughout the day.  Let’s face it, the festival scene can get mighty muddy when all is said and done!

 Hemingway Design for Briers

Briers Hemingway Popsplash



Inspired by a range of themes and ideas, Hemmingway Design have created a range of funky, quirky and terribly fashionable footwear to pop on those feet of yours.

From type print to flowers and our personal favourites here, the 1950’s Pop Art movement inspired pair of ‘Splash’ boots, Briers have a pair on offer than is sure to tickle your toes and get you thinking how to plan your outfit around them!



Overshoes are an ingenious way to have the best of both worlds, wear your favourite shoes or trainers when the ground is hard and dry and then when it starts to rain or the ground is saturated with spilt drinks, pop on your overshoes and you’re away.




Pink Pocket Wellies View With Packet

Feetz are just such an invention and perfect to pop in your bag and take with you to any and all festivals you attend this year!

Available in a range of colours, pink, blue and yellow, they arrive in a handy little pouch that will slip into your festival bag easily, taking up little space.  Then when the need arises, these fabulous boots unfold and slip on over the shoes you already have on.

With a thick rubber sole and nifty drawstring that secures the boot just below the knee, they are just the ticket for festival lovers everywhere.



Flip Flops

Of course there are some among us who find that our feet just wouldn’t be happy cooped up inside stuffy wellies all day and would rather take the option of freedom for feet and don a pair of flip flops.

Flop Happy

Products for the Fowndry


Custom Flip Flops seem to be the must have piece of footwear this  summer.  With endless possibilities for what can be printed on the  bottom, a lot of fun can be had with them.

The Fowndry have created just the pair for festivals that as you walk leave behind the words ‘Follow me’ and ‘Bring beer’.

Available in black and red, who knows you could bag yourself a free drink or two!



Leggings, Tights & Socks

A lot of our footwear will require some tights or socks, but there is no reason for these to be boring and run of the mill.


Pamela Mann

Capital Flag print

At the forefront of design and innovation, Pamela Mann is a company that thinks outside of theRio Footless box when style comes into play.  A plethora of colours, patterns and prints are available, from Union Flags, to starry nights, cloudy skies and comic books, there is definitely a design for you amongst the collection.

Inclusive of tights, socks and even leggings, they will be an amazing addition to festival wear and look fabulous with whatever footwear you decide to ultimately go with!




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