Festival Fever – Getting The Look Part 1


One of the fun and most expressive parts of attending a festival can be the make up.  There is something about attending a big outdoor event that seems to free the soul and lower our inhibitions, allowing us to be daring.

It is with this thought at the forefront of our minds that we decided to share some amazing ideas and cosmetics to help you get there.

BH1_1024x1024_ce366564-45d9-4f7f-9c76-242646d20a7a_1024x1024Before we start though, you are going to need to think about how you will get all of this fabulous make up on when you wake up.  You can’t use a normal tent, they are too restrictive, so we have found the perfect solution, it will allow you to stand up, get dressed and then put your festival face on without cramping you or your style!

The Olpro Beach Hut is perfect and spacious.  It comes in a range of colours and is perfect for not just festival going, but any occasion where you could need a tent.  The reason we have picked the Beach Hut is that when you stay at a festival it is a sea of tents, they all look similar and generally people use a flag or some other means to stand out.  No need with the Beach Hut, unique and easy recognisable, not to mention the perfect place to get ready!


Travel Case_Mirror_LIT_350p_LssLyrs_khTravel Case_Mirror_LIT_350p_LssLyrs_kh

You can’t get ready though without a mirror!  I always worry when taking one anywhere that it will shatter and break.  Often it is the case that travel mirrors are very small and flimsy.  Then we came across simplehuman Sensor Mirror.  It is compact but big enough to use effectively.  Folding up and slotting into  a hard shelled travel case, the mirror is easy to travel with.

The mirror is really sturdy and stands firm.  The sensor picks up your face and a light automatically comes on to illuminate it.  This is brilliant as it gives you all the light you need to get your make up on.  It contains a tru-lux system, which means that the light emitted from the mirror simulates natural sunlight, so in the words of Simple Human, ‘you’ll know when your makeup is colour-correct and flawless.’


The Eyes Have It!

The eyes are the easiest way to make an impact with your make up.  There are so many different ways that you can change the look of your eyes, that in all honesty your imagination is really all that holds you back!


Bright Eyes

Colour and vibrancy is the order of the day for festivals this year.  Go big and go bold!  People are much more adventurous with the use of eyeshadow now and it is no surprise when there are some truly amazing products out there that can help you achieve the perfect Festival Fever eyes!

Apply a couple of different shades to your eyes, blending them together, starting with a lighter shade at the inner corner and ending with a deeper, darker colour at the outer corner.


Inika, available from Amazon, have a wide range of eye shadow powders that are exactly when you need for creating your festival look.  Bright, vibrant and rich, the powders have a wonderful pigmentation that transfers from pot to skin beautifully.  Blue Steel is our pick of the bunch this season, a colour almost sky blue in hue, it gives even coverage, with just one application.


Benecos provide a natural eyeshadow that is soft and leaves a beautiful sheen across the eye.  Their range of colours are more subtle, but work well with the bolder colours.  A favourite at Erisea is the shade Mermaid.  A deep shade green that will accentuate and give a sultry feel to any look.

image003Sleek MakeUp

The Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Snapshots Palette has some of the most incredibly pretty shades of eyeshadow available.  All of them has a shimmering finish that is luminescent.  Featuring 12 shades in total, there will be a colour to suit all moods and festivals!  Kiwi Flower, Tequila Sunrise and Magenta Madness are our favourite picks from the rainbow on offer, but the entire palette is stunning.


Lining Up

Once you have chosen your eyeshadow, the next step is to pick which eye liner to use.  There are more options than you would think when it comes to eye liner, liquid and pencils being just two.  Each option gives a varied effect and of course the quality of the liner you are using with also have a baring on the outcome.

Black eye liner is a choice most of us will make, it looks great, defines the eyes and has a wonderful impact.  There is another choice though, coloured liners and that’s what we want to focus on today.

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner Green, £9.25 - Amazon


Soft, rich and beautiful is the Natural Kajal from Benecos.  Gliding on in a crisp, strong line, Beneco Natural Kajal is a winner.  The colours are strong and defining, as with black, but chosing a shade such a Violet, adds a new dimension to your eye that is exciting and unique!


Daniel Sandler

Another fantastic brand to look at when choosing your eye liner is Daniel Sandler.  His Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner is fantastic.  A cream liner in the form of a pencil with a twist tip, it is strong and vivid in colour, whilst being rich and deep at the same time.  A darker tone, Green Velvet in particular will create interest around the eyes, without loosing any of the impact.



Flutter Those Lashes

The final consideration for making your eyes really pop, is of course your lashes.  Now, there are many options out there and we couldn’t possibly cover them all, but as we think ‘big and bold’ is the way to go this year, here are our top picks.


Lash Fibres

Used in conjunction with your own mascara, Lash Fibres  creates the look of false lases without needing to stick any on.

First you need to apply a layer of your own mascara, you can use your everyday one if you’d like.  Next you take the Lash Fibres, essentially brush on lashes and apply over your mascara.  Little fluffy white fibres are contained within the bottle and the go on dry, attaching themselves to your lashes, creating thicker, plumper and longer, albeit white and fluffy lashes.  The magic comes next as you add another layer of mascara over the fibres, completing your eyes and giving you the appearance of having luscious long lashes.



The next step up from mascara that emulates false lashes, are false lashes that appear like real lashes.  If you want thicker looking lashes, or longer ones then maybe Kiss is the option you should plump for.  Making a range of false lashes, Kiss pride themselves on creating ones that feel and look natural.  They are very lightweight and you quickly forget you have any on, serving to just strengthen your lash line without any heaviness.  The lashes are soft and have a natural distribution of individual lashes.  They are much more subtle.

Extra Flair Lash, £7.00 - Amazon


If you want a more dramatic look, then Japonesque are for you.

Chosen by make up artists, they are elegant, thick and extremely bold.  Still a natural looking lash, lightweight and comfortable, they are full of character.

When you pop these beauties on your eyes you have instantaneous volume and thickness, perfect for fluttering those eyes!


In part 2 we will look at cheeks, lips and nails!




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